With the assistance of Foster, the cat and her beloved kittens are thriving and at the moment are hoping for a dream dwelling collectively

After a difficult start in life, a cat and her two beloved kittens hope for a dream home together.

Heidi Schuhmacher

Heidi Shoemaker, a Florida-based caregiver and animal rescuer, was informed of a pregnant stray dog ​​wandering around outside. It took days before the elusive cat was finally captured and brought to safety.

The orange and white cat named Lorelei was very shy at first and flinched when petted. After getting a full belly and settling in her new room, she began to warm up at her foster mother's place and even let out a few purrs.

Lorelei was so happy to have a roof over her head, plenty to eat and a comfortable place to finally relax.

Heidi Schuhmacher

The next morning Lorelei actually came by and even wanted to be petted while she ate. She went into labor later that day.

"That night I could see that there were problems when her first baby was stuck. I had to take her to the ambulance," Heidi told Love Meow.

Heidi Schuhmacher

With the help of the veterinarian, Lorelei gave birth to three kittens, two of which were pulled through. Timely rescue not only saved the life of these kittens, but also that of the mother.

Momma Lorelei had no milk supply while recovering from several health problems. Heidi stepped in to bottle feed the babies every two hours and provide nutritional supplements to keep them strong.

"As tired as I was, I was determined to pump up these babies."

Heidi Schuhmacher

Lorelei's appetite improved every time Heidi came in to help her kittens. She washed her babies from head to tail after each feeding and showered them with love.

With good food, proper medication, and lots of pets, Lorelei made incredible strides. Exactly one week after the birth, her milk production started and she was able to breastfeed her young.

Heidi Schuhmacher

"Mama Lorelei got her milk back slowly. I was overjoyed. I couldn't get her food fast enough and kept refilling her bowl," added Heidi.

"It made my heart so happy to see them breastfeeding their mother and listening to her little suckling noises. I stopped adding to the babies and they grew so well."

Heidi Schuhmacher

Check out the cute family in this cute video:

Cat and her beloved kittens


The ginger and white kitten Luke were taller than his sister Leia. Although the little calico was smaller, it could hold its own when they struggled for their nest.

When the kittens started running and exploring, they were taken to an improved room with a large playpen for them to run around in.

Heidi Schuhmacher

"Leia and Luke are so cute and kind. They love to see their people and immediately cry for attention."

The calico is a little Spitfire. She may be the smaller of the two, but she has a big personality and a lot of cattitude.

Heidi Schuhmacher

"They both play together all the time, racing around the room to chase one another. They also play with Lorelei, and all three have a deep bond."

Leia wears a cute little bow tie on her chest. She's quite a mischief maker and enjoys doing all sorts of antics with her brother around the house.

Heidi Schuhmacher

"Lorelei went through the wringer, but I am so grateful that she is now breaking new ground," said Heidi. "She's such a darling, calm, calm and a wonderful, amorous mother for Luke and Leia."

Heidi Schuhmacher

"Even after six weeks, she almost never leaves her side. She is so unique just being a female ginger, but she also has two different colored eyes."

The feline siblings do everything together and feed on each other's energy.

Heidi Schuhmacher

Lorelei continues to mother her kittens even though they are big enough to walk alone. Luke and Leia still love their mother and love to snuggle up to her between games.

After a long journey, the family of three is ready to find a place of their own.

Heidi Schuhmacher

"The kittens are so bonded to each other and to their mother. It's precious to see. I hope that after everything they've been through a special family will adopt all three together."

Heidi Schuhmacher

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