Which canine methods are the most well-liked?

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In those many months of limited activity, have you looked at dog tricks with a new eye? I've been training Barli several tricks lately (we started with shake and high five and then moved on to perch and rang the bell). I really wanted to enroll Barli in a trick training class this fall but didn't want to take the risk so I decided to do some searches and homeschooled him.

And apparently I'm not alone! We just got a guest post currently looking for dog tricks in the UK. You will see many of these are top tricks for US dogs as well. I've combined these most wanted tricks with videos for you to have fun with your dog!

I bought the following book (Amazon affiliate link) and worked it through to teach Barli some fun tricks!

What dog tricks do everyone teach their dogs?

Sit down, beg, turn around. These are some of the tricks dogs are taught. Britain is a nation of dog lovers, but what tricks are dogs taught the most? Using exclusive data from Butternut Box, we can uncover the most searched tricks on Google to teach dogs in the UK.

Whether you want to show your fellow dog owners what a good boy your dog is or you think you will benefit from a more active life, here are the best tricks to teach your dog.

"Please tell!"!

Ask (often referred to as "sitting nicely") is the trick dogs work with for their treats or food. This trick has the highest monthly searches in the UK, but also outperforms overall searches across the UK.

Begging might be popular because owners might think this is a great way to get dogs to deserve their treats instead of just giving them to them.

Bark on cue

If people don't teach their dogs to beg, the next higher search is "Dog bark’.

Owners teach their dogs to bark as it is easier to teach them to be quiet from then on.

Getting your dogs to learn this trick will give you control over their behavior, especially their voice, which will help you stop excessive barking.

Roll Over Dog Trick

The trick that is growing in popularity is the role.

"How To Teach Your Dog To Roll" grew the most in every region of the UK. The search term rose 260 percent in the northwest and an astonishing 320 percent in the southwest.

Lockdown practice

The search for various forms of dog tricks rose sharply in April 2020, according to Butternut Box. This could be because more people were stuck at home during the initial embargo period.

It could also be the result of more people getting dogs during lockdown, so more people looked for ways to teach their new furry friends what tricks to do.

Dog trainers even offer virtual classes to ensure dogs can continue to be taught through locks! If you sit and work from home, your dog can do the same.

Why do dogs need tricks?

Teaching your dog new tricks (old or not) can be beneficial in many different ways.

Spending more time with your dog by teaching him can help you bond more closely. This will also encourage them to trust you as they may not listen to you if they don't respect you.

Obedience and manners can also be achieved through training, which are important qualities for your dogs. You need to know that they are listening to you, especially when they are with other dogs.

Training obviously helps a dog become healthier by building muscle and stamina, especially when performing very physical tricks like rolling over and jumping. Combining your training with some weight loss dog food is very beneficial to your dog's lifestyle when he needs to lose weight. It's also good if you have a very active breed of dog, such as a golden retriever.

Learning tricks and skills enables them to direct their energies into something positive.

Teaching your dog new tricks can be a struggle for some dogs or a joy for others. Whether your dog is a Pug or an Akita, teaching him a number of tricks (to make sure they are tricks his breed can perform) can be of great benefit to his or her wellbeing.


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