Watch: Skilled Weedy Seadragon Coach Ocean Reef Aquaculture Australia

Step inside the world of a professional weedy seadragon trainer! Ocean Reef Aquaculture Australia shared a video training their hand raised weedy seadragons to eat mysis shrimp.

In the wild seadragons forage in seagrasses picking at amphipods and zooplankton. In aquariums, seadragons prefer to eat live food.

As the seadragons mature you can training them off an intensive live food feeding schedule so they start accepting frozen food. Training them to accept, and then crave frozen food happens over time. So yes, professional weedy seadragon trainer is something you can add to your resume.

Ocean Reef Aquaculture Australia is located in southern Australia which is where you find wild weedy and leafy seadragons. Ocean Reef Aquaculture specializes in the captive breeding/aquaculture sygnathids.

Seadragons, pipefish, and seahorses are all part of the syngnathids family but the seadragons are extremely rare in private aquariums, instead found mostly at public aquariums and specialty breeders. We can only dream of one day growing our own pipefish but we will leave seadragons to the experts.

Seahorses on the other hand can be kept at home with some careful planning and dedicated reef keeping. We recommend joining specialized online groups, and before getting a seahorse find out what they are eating and if they are already weened to frozen food.

We have never kept our own seahorse, so make sure to check with the experts! We just wanted to share this unique video. Watching these hungry seadragons will make your day.

Ocean Reef Aquaculture also has a list of great videos on their facebook page including this one of leafy seadragons, or this cloud of weedy seadragons.

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