UPDATE: Deserted Pink Canine & Her Brother Discover New Hope After Remedy

Animal Friends of the Valley is an animal shelter in Wildomar, California. There, they have a night drop – a place where people can anonymously and safely leave their pets if they do not wish to face the shelter staff when they relinquish their pets. It might be unfortunate, but the presence of night drop kennels is thought to reduce the number of animals abandoned on the side of the road or in vacant lots. Most of the time the pets found in the night drop are sweet but not surprising. On February 13th, however, a shelter worker was shocked to see a pink dog inside.

Although they jokingly called her the Pink Dalmatian, this pup, along with her brother, is actually a Boxer. Her skin is pink and irritated because of a treatable infection. Asia and her brother Artie, as they’re now called, are suffering from demodex mange. The poor pups were confused and very uncomfortable, as mange can cause severe itching and pain. Jennifer Glove, a veterinary technician for the shelter, said the two dogs were confused but friendly.

Thankfully, Asia and Artie were taken in by Last Chance at Life, an all breed rescue group based in San Diego County. There, the two pups are responding very well to treatment. The staff at LCAL is happy to report that although they were unsettled to arrive at a new place again at first, they have warmed up to everyone there and are very friendly. They will be available for adoption soon and have some people already looking to offer them loving, forever homes.

Update: Remember this pair? Well they both found homes! 

Artie has a great new best friend – and doesn’t seem to care at all that he’s much bigger!

Artie likes to help me groom Calvin. I’m not sure why he’s so obsessed with his nostrils, but whatever, Calvin has nice, clean nostrils now ?

Posted by Julie Jeanne Humphreys on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Unfortunately, Pearl’s (formerly “Asia”) human became sick, and she was returned to Last Chance at Life just last October. Had the Facebook post not mentioned the skin condition she had before, we might not have recognized her as the pink lady in the photos above!

Pearl has since found another home, and both dogs have beaten their skin conditions AND homelessness!

*****ADOPTED****Two years ago, Pearl and a male boxer were left at the dropbox of Animal Friends of the Valley. They…

Posted by Last Chance at Life – All Breed Rescue and Adoptions on Friday, October 25, 2019


Cover photo: Last Chance at Life

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