Put on a masks! A kitten masks!

As we cool kittens know, adding cats makes everything perfect.

This includes everything from shipping cartons to face masks for preventive measures. And since wearing a mask is real right now, here are some of my favorites to add that touch of cat style.

With the 3-layer Cotton Sequin Cat Whiskers Silver Mask (6.50 USD; softasagrape.com) from Soft As a Grape. And I love the adjustable curl up with an adult book face mask from Out of Print ($ 14; outofprint.com).

Do you have a cat loving child? Keep it good with Pete the Cat's adjustable face mask for kids, also from Out of Print ($ 14).

If you prefer the face shield, like some of my friends, pair it with Zazzle's Kitty Cat Face Shield from Moodthology Papery ($ 9.95; zazzle.com).

Would you like to spread the love of the cat mask as part of a charitable project or just a pandemic project? Check out how to make a homemade mask. When we have to cover our faces, is there anything better than cats ?!

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