Prime 6 aquarium water changers

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Performing partial water changes weekly is an essential part of your aquarium maintenance routine and is critical to the health and well-being of your fish and other tank dwellers.

This guide explains the pros and cons of using aquarium water changers and introduces six of the best devices on the market today. So, say goodbye to spills and hassles and make sure your water changes clean and hassle-free by reading our guide and ordering your aquarium water changer today!

Our top 6 aquarium water changers

First, let's take a look at six of the best aquarium water changers available in the market at the time of writing. To learn more about each product and read reviews from other users, simply click the handy in-text links, view the product, and once you've found a device that meets your needs, place your order .

1. Python No Spill cleaning and filling the aquarium maintenance system

The Python aquarium clean and fill without spillage system is one of the most popular aquarium water changers, and it's easy to see why. The system comes in a variety of lengths, starting at 25 feet and going up to 100 feet, so you can find one that suits your needs even if your tank is far from your faucet.

The system comes with high quality, sturdy fittings that easily adapt to most faucets, as well as a 10 inch gravel pipe, faucet pump, and brass tap adapter. This aquarium water changer drains and fills aquariums and is designed not to disturb your plants, tank decorations or tank dwellers while you are doing routine maintenance.

All in all, this is an excellent product that can be used to change your aquarium water and extract debris from the substrate.

What we like:

  • Easy to use, spill-free and trouble-free operation
  • Adjustable to most of the faucets
  • High quality components

Room for improvement:

  • The faucet attachment does not fit all faucets
  • Expensive compared to other similar water changers

2. TERA Pump Original Aquarium Water Changer

Real TERA PUMP aquarium cleaner aquarium fish tank gravel sand cleaner with long nozzle N water …

  • Larger Suction Tube: This larger suction tube allows use in larger aquariums (10 gallons or more).
  • Discharge hose clamp included (2019 updated) Easily attach the discharge hose clamp to your container / Prevent the hose from falling off the container
  • Two types of nozzles: the shorter nozzle is used for draining and the longer nozzle is used to clean fish debris, droppings and fine gravel / takes out the waste when replacing the water

The TERA Pump Geniune Aquarium Water Changer is a much cheaper alternative to the expensive Python system. Even so, it's still a reliable and efficient system that does the job effectively.

This aquarium water changer is designed for use with aquariums of 10 gallons or more because the suction tube is large. The speakerphone has an outlet hose clip that attaches to your container and prevents the hose from falling.

There is also a suction cup that holds the siphon tube firmly in place and allows you to operate the pump with one hand. The pump nozzle has a filter that prevents gravel and large pieces of dirt from blocking the hose.

The water changer is pretty powerful, moving around 1.5 gallons per minute.

What we like:

  • Acceptable price
  • Hands-free operation
  • Powerful pump saves time

Room for improvement:

  • In very large, deep tanks, the suction force is not particularly strong

3. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

Aqueon has an enviable reputation for making high quality equipment for use in aquariums. The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer is another popular addition to its range of products.

The aim of the system is to eliminate the need to haul heavy buckets of water from the tank to the sink and eliminate the risk of contamination and spills. To operate the system, attach the water flow assembly to the faucet using the multi-port faucet adapter provided and turn on the faucet.

The system's vacuum element creates the perfect flow rate to move the gravel, allowing loose waste and debris to go straight to your sink. The gravel pipe features a non-slip molded handle and an integrated on / off valve that gives you complete control over the flow of water. You can also adjust the valve on the sink attachment to avoid splashing water and contamination.

What we like:

  • High quality components
  • Saves carrying heavy buckets and prevents spills
  • Well designed

Room for improvement:

  • On the expensive side compared to other aquarium water changers
  • In very large aquariums the suction is not very strong

4. Upettools Electric Automatic Aquarium Water Purifier


Upettools Aquarium Gravel Cleaner – Electric Automatic Detachable Vacuum Water Changer Sand Algae …

  • ✔ 【Improved 6-in-1 multifunctional aquarium gravel cleaner】 The improved aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner has 6-in-1 functions with water changer + sand washer + dirt cleaning + water filter + …
  • ✔ 【Powerful performance】 The powerful water pump motor with 110 V / 28 W can deliver a maximum flow of 1700 l / h. It only takes 0.5 hours to pump out a 180 gallon tank. At the same time the pump flow is …
  • ✔ 【Powerful cleaning function】 Can be used to clean gravel, pick up dirt, change water, wash sand, and vacuum the stool. Strong power with suction enough to change water, suck up leftover food and fish droppings …

If you are looking for an aquarium water purifier that will make you big bucks, Upettools' electric automatic aquarium water purifier is for you.

This device is a multifunctional electrical kit that allows you to vacuum your substrate and change your tank water at the same time. The device can be used for marine and fresh water tanks and is also suitable for washing sand, which most aquarium water purifiers cannot.

A powerful 110V / 28W water pump motor generates a maximum flow of 1,700 l / h and only takes half an hour to pump out a 180-gallon tank. Impressive! The pump flow is also adjustable. The device is also very easy to use; Simply plug in, switch on and off you go.

If you have any problems with the device, the Upettools team offers 24/7 customer support and a lifetime guarantee for your safety. However, the main problem we can see with this system is that your tank needs a spare power outlet that you can plug the device into. There is an option for you to unplug your lights while cleaning the tank so you can use the free socket for your aquarium water changer.

What we like:

  • Powerful suction saves time
  • Multifunctional
  • Suitable for salt water and fresh water tanks

Room for improvement:

  • Filters and performance are insufficient for large tanks over 50 gallons

5. Boxtech aquarium water changer


Boxtech Aquarium Water Change, Aquarium Vacuum Siphon Water Changer Pump Sand Cleaner for Aquarium …

  • Boxtech Aquarium Cleaner: water changer, wash sand, clean, a multifunctional cleaning tool. Compatible with additional nozzle can help clean gravel that …
  • Compact Structure: Compatible with 1 piece of soft water pipe (72.4 inch) and 2 pieces of hard water pipe (11 inch * 2). It's easy to install and easy to use. matching aquarium of different sizes.
  • Check Valve Design – The widened check tube makes drainage more effective. Please note: Please place the end of the QV letter down against the bucket when using, as the pump …

The Boxtech Water Tank Water Changer is a neat piece of the kit that allows you to clean your aquarium water and substrate properly for an affordable price.

The device can be used as an aquarium water changer and is also ideal for vacuuming the substrate. The device can be used in fresh water and salt water tanks and is easy to use.

This is a compact unit that comes with all the necessary fittings. The anti-backflow design makes drainage more effective and the pipe is made of super flexible PVC that won't crack, collapse or splinter.

Extra long hoses and hard pipes offer plenty of leeway to reach all areas of your tank without getting your hands wet.

What we like:

  • Affordable compared to similar models
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Extra long hose

Room for improvement:

  • In larger tanks the suction is not very strong

6. Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner Washer

Laifoo 5ft Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner Washer for Aquarium Cleaning Gravel & Sand

  • FUNCTION — Easy to control, convenient for sucking fish droppings, impurities and cloudy water from the aquarium.
  • 5 feet HOSE — Made of clear and elastic plastic. Makes it more durable and kink resistant. Harmless to fish and no particular smell.
  • GRAVEL TUBE — Sinkable, with a filter screen inside. Doesn't bother fish or decor when it works.

The Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner Washer is an easy-to-use basic kit that allows you to suck dirty water out of your tank and remove fish waste and general debris from a gravel bed. The 5 foot anti-kink plastic tubing is durable and flexible, and doesn't have the offensive odor that some similar products have.

The gravel filter tube has a filter screen inside to prevent fragments of the substrate from being sucked out of the tank. The siphon ball is soft and extremely easy to use. The cleaner is guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase.

What we like:

  • Basic, easy to use, indispensable part of the tank maintenance kit
  • Affordable price
  • Filter screen to prevent gravel from being sucked out of the tank

Room for improvement:

  • Only three months guarantee

What is an aquarium water changer?

If your fish are to be healthy and thriving, the water in their tank must be kept clean and free of harmful toxins such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. These three substances appear as part of the natural nitrogen cycle in your aquarium when fish waste, uneaten food and decomposing plant matter pollute the water.

In the wild, these nitrogen compounds are swept away by currents or diluted by rainwater. However, this is not the case in the closed environment of your home aquarium.

An efficient aquarium filter system helps keep toxin levels low. However, you will also need to perform a partial water change and vacuum the substrate every week to prevent these substances from building up and potentially poisoning your fish.

An aquarium water changer is a simple siphon-based device that allows you to suck water out of your aquarium along with fish debris, uneaten food, and corrosive organic matter, and dump any dirt you don't want in your aquarium straight into an aquarium sink or buckets, depending on the type of system you choose.

Most water changers have a long hose that attaches directly to the tap. The device first removes dirty water from the tank and then replaces it with clean tap water. Aquarium water changers are designed to prevent you from carrying heavy buckets of water to and from the aquarium and to prevent spills and spills.

What to look for when buying an aquarium water changer

Aquarium water changers work in much the same way, although there are a variety of styles to choose from. You should consider the following when purchasing an aquarium water changer:


The cost of aquarium water changers varies a lot, so you can almost certainly find one that suits your budget.

As a rule, the more expensive the product, the better the quality. Cheaper aquarium water changers tend to be less durable and more prone to leakage or suction than their more expensive counterparts.

So we encourage you to read other buyers' reviews to check the quality and performance of the product before parting with your money.


The maxim “buy cheap, buy twice” also applies to aquarium water changers. You want to buy the best quality product that you can afford. Badly manufactured devices are not only less efficient. They tend to fall apart quickly, which means you will need to buy a replacement.

Maintaining tanks can be hard work and costs plastic and rubber components. So always check that the water changer you are about to buy is made of durable, high quality materials.

Range of functions

Some water changers for aquariums offer additional functions such as multifunctionality, extra long hoses or specially developed filters. Take the time to read through all of the features that each product has to offer before parting with your hard-earned cash.

A particularly important function is that the device fits on a number of taps. For a water changer to work effectively, it must fit properly into the tap without leaking. A fully adjustable faucet faucet can save you a world of pain in the long run.

user friendliness

The whole point of buying an aquarium water changer is that if you have to partially change water and clean your aquarium substrate, you save time and hassle.

Check to see if the product you are trying to buy is a plug-in-and-go device or if it requires manual setup, which can be problematic.

Size and hose length

The size of your tank has a great influence on the aquarium water changer you have purchased.

Typically, if you have a very deep tank you will need a very powerful water changer that has enough suction to pull the water out of the tank at a relatively fast rate. If your aquarium is some distance from the nearest sink that you can use for water changes, you need to choose a product with a hose long enough to comfortably stretch from the tank to the sink.

Final thoughts

Keeping the water in your aquarium clean and performing partial water changes every week is critical to the health and wellbeing of your livestock. Changing water and cleaning tanks can be time-consuming, messy chores at best, and anything that makes the job faster and less stressful is worth adding to your fish farming kit. An aquarium water changer is an ideal device for this job.

All of the aquarium water changers that we have discussed for you in this guide are bestsellers and do a good job. Choose a product that fits your budget, has all of the features you want, and is easy to use. You can look forward to faster and easier tank maintenance.

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