Palm-sized kittens study to sit down and stand once more with the assistance of cats round them

A wobbly little kitten learns to stand and walk again with the help of a veterinary team and the support of other cats.

Ellen Carozza LVT

Finnegan the kitten arrived at the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (in Arlington, Virginia) in late January and needed urgent care.

The kitten came from another town, Colonial Beach, where he couldn't get the medical care he needed. He had neurological problems and a soft lump on the back of his head near his left ear.

"He was absurdly small for his size since his date of birth was January 3rd. He was pretty shaky to the point where he couldn't hold on," said Ellen Carozza, licensed veterinary technician at NOVA Cat Clinic and co-founder of the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation, said Love Meow.

Ellen Carozza LVT

The small bundle of fur had limited mobility and needed a lot of support. Ellen saw the fight through his big doe eyes and heard the vivacity in his voice and knew they had to give him a chance to fight he deserved.

The veterinary team carefully crafted a treatment plan for the palm-sized wonder cat, providing antibiotics, a new nutritional routine, electrolytes, and complementary therapies to get him back in top shape.

Ellen Carozza LVT

After x-rays and sampling of the abscess, they were able to officially diagnose the kitten.

"We figured out the cause of his abscess, which is a beta hemolytic streptococcus infection usually transmitted by an infected queen (mother), and the antibiotics we gave him were appropriate for his course of treatment "shared Ellen Love with Miau.

Ellen Carozza LVT

In the meantime, Ellen's house cat Benedict did not hesitate to give the kitten loving care. He gave Finn a good face wash as if to tell him he would be fine.

"Benedict, the ultimate cat father, had to give him his 'blessing' when he met Finn. Having older cats in the house who like kittens really helps the kitten learn how to be a cat," added Ellen.

Ellen Carozza LVT

Benedict's protégé, Loki, the gray tabby, also joined the support team to cheer the kitten on.

With around the clock, careful care from Ellen and a lot of support from the cats, Finn showed incredible progress within a short time.

"After a week he finally felt better enough to slowly start using a bottle and now he is eating with gusto. He's also putting on weight and learning to finally walk and hold himself as a normal kitten," shared Ellen Love with Miau.

Ellen no longer has to support him during feeding as he is strong enough to sit alone. With his newfound strength, Finn eats like a champion.

Ellen Carozza LVT

Finn is gaining muscles in his legs and trying to figure out how to make good use of them. His personality emerges and he becomes more curious and playful every day. The little guy is surrounded by his cat friends who keep him company and shower him with love and licking.

"He drives the kittens crazy. He also likes to hold your face and give kisses."

Ellen Carozza LVT

Whenever Finn is attracted to the local cats, he receives love in bliss. They encourage him to try new things and show him how to be a real cat.

Loki is never far from the kitten, so he can run whenever Finn needs attention.

Ellen Carozza LVT

"You don't always need a mother cat to raise, you just need a cat with an amazing personality and the patience that enjoys being around kittens," Ellen told Love Meow.

"He's already had incredible success and we are confident that in no time he will be running and playing like any healthy kitten should. This is another time you step out of your comfort zone and these patients regardless of size or age handle outside the box. ""

Ellen Carozza LVT

Finn loves to watch the world go by from the comfort of his basket. He works to perfect his sitting and standing skills and to become more stable every day.

Ellen Carozza LVT

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