Meet Henry

Dog’s name and age: Henry, 11 years

Nicknames: Henry and his hot wheels

Adoption story: Henry, a sweet and innocent stray dog who was left to fend for himself in the streets of Puerto Rico at a construction site. He had been run over by a car multiple times; he was alone, stranded and dying. He found the strength within himself to drag himself to an area where he would be noticed. It took 10 days for somebody to rescue him and he was on the brink of death.

His injuries were said to have been nothing more than a death sentence for him; clearly Henry wanted to and continues striving to live his best life. A broken back and shattered hip meant nothing to our pup! We were lucky enough to adopt Henry in 2018 and in the fall of 2019, Henry was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor. He was rushed in for an emergency surgery which resulted in a long surgery, and an even longer incision. Today, he remains cancer free!


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Henry has learned to love long car rides, the Jersey shore, being snuggled, enjoying scenic views, and meeting others. He thoroughly enjoys peanut butter and playing tug-o-war with his baby brother, Mac. Henry gives the BEST kisses!

Henry is unbelievable in every aspect of the word. Adopting, caring for, and providing him with a loving and safe home has been, by far, the best decision we have made. We are so in love with him, he is a warrior.

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