Meet Filbert

Name and age of the dog: Filbert, 2 years

Nicknames: Fil, Fabulous Fil, Filliburton

Name history: I love naming my dogs after plants so I named it after the Filbert tree and I call it Fil.

Adoption history: In February of this year, I went to a shelter in the middle of the California desert to raise a dog for the So Cal Bulldog rescue. I didn’t want to adopt as I lost my beloved dog 4 months ago and I was still in mourning. But while I was waiting for the staff to take the bulldog for transport, I saw Fil in a large run full of dogs and my heart stopped. It was really love at first sight. I have rescued dogs for a long time and I never felt an overwhelming and immediate connection like I did that day. I started crying when I ran away and met him, and from that minute on, I was his person and he was my dog. I think he’s the universe’s way of thanking me for all of the dogs I’ve saved over the past 20 years. It’s a gift and one that I love more every day.

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Filbert serves as a therapy dog ​​for my foster dogs. He calms and calms them and helps them recover. He has the innate ability to calm worried souls. Fil has an eerie, almost magical ability to sense when someone is hurt – he’ll go soft and quiet and will curl up against them and comfort them.

Filbert’s favorite pastime is hiking in nature. When he’s exploring and running ahead, he runs back to tell me with his eyes and smile about all the good things he smells. This is his heaven. He also loves the beach and enjoys day playing with the incoming waves, chasing them and running away from them when they come back.

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