Little kitten with a giant persona who’s so excited as a stray to discover a household of his desires after life

A little kitten with a big personality was so happy when he found the family of his dreams just in time for the holidays.

Mini Cat Town

A few weeks ago Tram Bui, co-founder of Mini Cat Town (a rescue operation in San Jose, California), was at a local animal shelter when she came across a kitten begging for attention. The little fellow had been brought in as a stray and needed rescue and care.

The kitten was jumping around in its box and pressing its face against the door as Tram approached him. “He really got his way and decided to join us in Mini Cat Town, so we packed him up and brought him home,” Mini Cat Town co-founder Thoa Bui told Love Meow.

The tiny ball of fur was six weeks old and consisted only of skin and bones. It was mostly fluffy but had a big personality.

Mini Cat Town

As soon as they exposed the backing, the kitten began to meow loudly and crawled to the side of the box, eagerly seeking affection.

Tram gave him some much-needed ear scratches, and the kitten instantly calmed down, leaning against her hand for a deep cuddle.

Mini Cat Town

"We decided to name him Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol. We spent the next few weeks making sure he put on some weight on a high-calorie diet."

The kitten gained a lot of healthy weight and strength. When he discovered his new found energy, he used it immediately.

Mini Cat Town

The tiny kitten grew into a busy body, running around the house, climbing anything he could put his paws on, and doing all sorts of antics.

He was excited to inspect the Christmas tree and insisted on going to higher areas, even though he needed help getting back down every time.

Mini Cat Town

"He did this several times a day and called for help," Thoa added.

Check out the kitten in this cute video:

Tiny Tim the kitten

The kitten never seemed to stop playing during its waking hours. He quickly made friends with a few furry residents in the house and was determined to win over Misty, the cat, who wasn't so sure about that fluffy ball of energy.

Mini Cat Town

"He's super playful and lively! He loves hunting toys and tries to play with our house cats," Thoa told Love Meow.

The fearless kitten snuggled up against Finny the Husky and tried to imitate the cute dog.

Mini Cat Town

The kitten has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few weeks and is no longer the tiny kitten they once knew. He continues to scream for attention and chase and pounce on anything that moves.

Mini Cat Town

A family with three cats of their own came across a post about Tiny Tim and was immediately enthusiastic.

Last week they welcomed the little panther cat (now renamed T & # 39; Challa) to their loving home. Just in time for Christmas, they even bought a baby stocking with his initial.

Mini Cat Town

T & # 39; Challa loves his new life as a spoiled teenage cat. He gets up at six in the morning and runs around the house with his endless energy supply.

When he needs to recharge, he snuggles up to his favorite blanket and kneads away with bliss.

Mini Cat Town

"He completes our family. He has some ninja skills," shared Erica, T & # 39; Challa's mother. "His big sister Bailey was so patient and took care of this cute, chaotic ninja."

Mini Cat Town

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