Kittens so fortunate to have a heat place and cute companion after being discovered within the chilly shed

Four little kittens can now rest happily in a warm home accompanied by a cuddle buddy after being found outside in the cold.

Sarah Kelly

Sparkle Cat Rescue, a North Carolina volunteer rescue company, was contacted about a tiny kitten found on a resident's property. The weather was too cold for the kitten to stand alone, and the finder reached out to the rescue for help.

"He was found alone on Monday evening (a week ago) and taken to the vet, where they looked after him overnight," the rescue service told Love Meow.

While the resident continued to look out for other kittens, the next day she heard a small squeak from a shed and discovered three more tabbies, littermates of the first kitten. They felt cold when their temperatures dropped to dangerous low.

Sarah Kelly

Sparkle Cat Rescue immediately picked them up and began resuscitating the kittens and bringing them back from the brink. "The temperatures were very cold here the night before they were found (and they soon got much colder). They had a lot of warming up to do."

Sarah Kelly, an experienced kitten carer, stepped forward to help. She put the kittens in an incubator, which helped regulate their body temperatures.

Sarah Kelly

"We are so happy to have the incubator for these little ones because they were so cold and struggled with low body temperatures when ingested," shared Sarah Love Meow.

"It took us several days to get them awake, active and healthy again. If they were even outside, it's terrifying to think about what could have happened."

Sarah Kelly

The first 48 hours were intense as Sarah worked tirelessly to nurse the kittens back from the edge. When the kittens perked up and regained their strength and appetite, they moved around and even tried to explore.

While they continued to heal in their cozy incubator, Sarah brought a cuddly monkey to keep them company around the clock. As soon as she put the monkey to bed, the tabby kittens snuggled right up to her and purred with happiness.

Now they never take a nap without their mother watching over them.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah has lovingly named the kittens Mac (Macaque), Vee (Vervet), Rhee (Rhesus) and Howie (Howler) after different types of monkeys.

After days of careful grooming, litter four really turned a corner and began acting like kittens again. Sarah and her family could finally breathe easy.

Sarah Kelly

"These little ones don't care about formula at all and let us pull all the tricks out of the book to get them to eat," added Sarah. "In addition to the extra splash of fluids, we're trying combinations of slurries (formula and canned food mixed), baby food, and everything in between! It wasn't easy, but they're all so very worth it."

The tabbies never have to spend a day outside in the cold again. They learn to eat solid foods, work on their gait, and love their VIP life as indoor kittens.

Sarah Kelly

They have moved into their improved care suite with lots of comfortable warm beds and lots of soft things to knead.

Their mother monkey is never far from them. After waddling around in their new dig, they'll snuggle into a pound of purr next to their fake mother and fall asleep by her side.

Sarah Kelly

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