Kitten with distinctive markings insists on being the focus after bouncing again from the sting

A kitten with unique markings insists on getting all the attention after being brought back from the edge.

Wrenn saves

A few weeks ago, Wrenn Rescues, a volunteer animal rescue company in Southern California, was contacted about a litter of kittens in need of care. They were in poor condition, full of filth, and faced a variety of health problems.

Ashley Kelley, a rescue volunteer, didn't hesitate to take her in and looked after her around the clock. One of the kittens named Aunt Whispers has distinct markings on its face that are shaped like the Rorschach test.

Though the calico was so tiny and uncomfortable when they first got it, it was a fighter and determined to jump back on its paws. After days of tube feeding and extra grooming, the kitten made incredible gains and even got a cute, chonky tummy.

"She eats and then takes another nap without caring about the world," shared Ashley.

Wrenn saves

The kitten discovered her sass and calico attitude at a young age. She's not afraid to show it. The little bundle of fluff likes to wave its paws in the air, as if trying to catch an invisible beetle.

The kitten is constantly seeking the attention of its caretaker or other kittens and does not want to be alone.

Wrenn saves

Aunt Whispers and her sister Lorna share an adorable bond. They play, fight and wrestle with all their might and then make amends by napping next to each other while Lorna showered her sister with licks.

Erin (@catasticalmeows), a volunteer caregiver from Wrenn Rescues, and her son Chris provided caregiver services. "We built them a suite, a sleeping area with a bathroom and a great room to play," said Erin.

Wrenn saves

The kittens weren't entirely sure what toys were at first, but they learned quickly. The sisters explored their new excavations and as a duo checked their range of toys.

"These two have been together all the time now. They still have some batting fights and it's fun to see them play," added Erin. "They get so big and change so quickly."

Wrenn saves

Despite her rough stomach, Aunt Whispers is still very small for her age. Lorna has taken on the role of the big sister and kept an eye out for little Calico everywhere.

"Lorna is the rough and tumbling type, and Aunt Whispers is so petite and princess."

Wrenn saves

The two fill their room with endless entertainment as they hop around creating all sorts of antics.

Check out the kittens in this cute video:

Sweet calico and its care journey

"Aunt Whispers decided that she was big enough to navigate through the scratching post. Even around the scratching post, they still keep up with the fighting."

Wrenn saves

"The sisters love their playtime. When the whole game is over, they're both the cuddly, purring little two," shared Erin.

"Lorna will definitely be mothering Aunt Whispers. She will snuggle up to her, clean her face and ears."

Wrenn saves

The two best friends spend a lot of time together, improving their feline skills, and learning how to be real cats. When you meet other foster kittens, greet them with a few gentle pats.

"Not only do they play hard, but they also have deep convos about who these little roommates (other carers) are and would like to meet," added Erin.

Wrenn saves

At seven weeks old, the calico finally hit its 1 pound milestone.

"You and Lorna have both come this far," said Erin. "They are a lively bunch and we have so much fun with them."

Wrenn saves

The calico thrives on being the center of attention. She's quite a snuggly bug and an adorable purring machine.

Wrenn saves

"She loves having her face rubbed and cuddling up close to your neck! She also loves telling us secrets when she purrs right in our ears," shared Erin.

Wrenn saves

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