Kitten decided to develop sturdy after being discovered within the again yard is now getting into a brand new chapter in life

A cute kitten found outside without a mother has turned into a beautiful kitten.

Ashley Kelley

Aela, the kitten, was found abandoned by her mother in a backyard when she was one day old. Although her eyes were still closed, she showed an incredible will to live.

Ashley Kelley, a volunteer caregiver from Wrenn Rescues (in Southern California), was contacted about the young orphan. Without a second thought, she offered to take them with her, as newborn kittens are among the most vulnerable rescue workers.

When Ashley took the little kitten out of the luggage rack, she was surprised by what she saw. Aela was born with a facial flaw and a butterfly-shaped nose.

Ashley Kelley

Aela gained weight and officially joined the 100 gram club within a few days. "I brushed her with her little toothbrush (after feeding). She loved it."

After each meal, the cute kitten would crawl into Ashley's hand, curl up in a ball, and immediately fall asleep. She was so pleased with a loving person who kept her company and all the little things (soft blankets, stuffed animals) in life.

Ashley Kelley

At 12 days Aela opened her eyes to see the world for the first time. She was curious and wanted to be loved at every opportunity. She waved her little paws in the air or kneaded furiously on her soft blankets and purred a storm.

"I've never met a happier, more angelic little newborn baby in my life," said Ashley. "She gained weight like it was her job."

Ashley Kelley

When her legs were strong enough, the brave cat wandered through a large three-way tunnel all by herself. "She was quite surprised to find me on the other end after leaving my lap to enter on the other end."

It was upgraded to a room for big girls, with a spacious playpen, its own litter box and additional blankets for kneading.

Ashley Kelley

Aela officially hit the one-pound mark at five weeks. She started eating and chewing like a big kitten and spending more time looking around and playing with toys. Her favorite pastime was sitting on her lap and having her stomach rubbed.

When her teeth began to germinate, they noticed that she had a severe overbite. After being examined by a specialist, they determined that the kitten would need corrective surgery in old age.

Ashley Kelley

"Aela's skull was not fully formed in the womb. She was diagnosed with (a mild case of) hydrocephalus. She has a misshapen mouth (in several ways) that pushed her nasal cavities up and down," wrote Ashley.

"She's the happiest little kitten I've ever met and somehow managed to get the best scenario on every diagnosis she has. I'm really impressed and amazed."

Ashley Kelley

Aela enjoys staying busy, playing with things she can find around the house, and cuddling with other cat friends. "She always knows that it is our lunch break when we prepare our lunch. And she never lets us forget to feed her."

Check out Aela's journey in this cute video:

Aela the kitten

"She may be a big girl now, but she still loves those full-body pets that she has enjoyed since she was one," shared Ashley.

Ashley Kelley

"Her hobbies wake up every family member at some point during the night and scream in front of one or all of the closed doors."

When Aela's teeth grew, she was ready for the big day. Ashley took her to the clinic for surgery to improve her quality of life.

Ashley Kelley

"She was super cute while we waited for (the veterinary team) to take her. She wrapped her body around my hand in the carrier and made cookies. I think she wanted to tell me I wasn't worried about her supposed to do, "said Ashley shared.

Ashley Kelley

The brave cat underwent an extensive surgery with eight extractions and repairs for her palate. The amazing little fighter overcame every obstacle and immediately bounced back.

Aela has been painless since the operation and is much better. "She eats much faster and easier. No more sneezing."

Ashley Kelley

While Aela was still recovering, she insisted on spending time with other caregivers and showering them with love.

Aela has grown into a healthy, playful, and loving teenage cat. Her hydrocephalus has improved too, and she is almost ready for her next chapter in life.

Ashley Kelley

"Aela took out her stitches! She's seven months old now. We'll schedule her spay and then she'll be ready for adoption," said Ashley.

"Care is so rewarding, but even more so when it is someone who needs extra care. And she is so loving in return."

Ashley Kelley

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