Keep house and skim one among these nice books for cat lovers

Here are the books we read this month.

Travel of Suki the Adventure Cat
If you're a fan of Suki and her popular Instagram account @sukicat, you will love this book. With the help of the authors Martina Gutfreund (Suki's human mother) and Leigh-Anne Ingram, Suki invites you to travel with her from the comfort of her home. This beautiful Bengal from Canada is not afraid of big adventures. From the castles of Europe to the sunny shores of California, her travels prove that anyone (or cat) can travel the world. This book is full of beautiful photos, lush landscapes and inspirational quotes that will make everyone wanderlust. It celebrates the passion of Suki and her human parents to absorb the world and all of its beauty. Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Books for cat lovers

Cat versus cat: keep the peace when you have more than one cat
Written by feline behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett, this is the definitive guide to any question you have about cats. Are you thinking of adding another cat to your home? It doesn't have to be a difficult transition. Pam offers tips and tricks to relieve tension, prevent disputes, and bring two families together. You will learn how to plan, set up, and maintain a successful multiple cat environment. the best way to introduce cats; how to interpret the behavior of cats, the importance of the territory; and how to recognize the special communication that cats use to build relationships and hierarchies. Published by Penguin Books.

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Decipher your cat
This book was written by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists' leading experts in cat behavior, under the editorial direction of Dr. Meghan E. Herron writes and provides the latest and greatest information on cat behavioral research. Written in a fun, interesting, and easy-to-understand way, it will provide you with new insights into promoting your cat's physical and mental health. show you how to create a safe, functional, and happy home environment; Help identify and treat health problems; and show you how to deal with undesirable behavior. With anecdotes from real-life situations and the science of how cats interact with their world, the advice in this book will help you maintain a long and fulfilling relationship with your cat. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Books for cat lovers

Edward Lear and the Pussycat: The Adventures of Famous Writers and Their Pets
Behind every great writer is a beloved pet who provides inspiration and camaraderie – after all, writing can be a lonely work life. In this book, Alex Johnson explores how pets inspired some of the greatest authors in literature. The book is a greeting to all the cats and dogs (and ravens, monkeys, guinea pigs, turtles and even wombats) who have enriched the lives of their people – sitting on their keyboards, sleeping in their beds and occasionally generating the creative spark for their stories and Poems. You will meet several cats including: the six cats from T.S. Eliot; Kitty 1, Kitty 2, and Kitty 3, creatively named by J. D. Salinger; Albert Camus & # 39; cat, cigarette; and Sylvia Plath's cat Daddy. An entertaining and carefree read that is suitable for both animal and book lovers. Published by British Library Publishing.

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