Dog groomer charged after horrific video showing him abusing poodle

WARNING: Videos, screenshots, and content can be sensitive to some readers.

In an animal abuse case, you can always count on dog lovers to fight for justice. When a video surfaced showing a Michigan dog groomer molesting an innocent poodle, everyone quickly contacted the authorities. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office received numerous reports of the video, along with people asking the police to do something.

It is still unclear who recorded the video and whose dog is in the footage, but police have uncovered the key information. The person responsible was found and taken into custody just 45 minutes after the officers became aware.

Image: Screenshot, Linda Turner Facebook

What happened?

Someone shared a video on Facebook that they received anonymously. It shows a groomer cutting the hair of a standard poodle. The poodle stands completely still and looks in the opposite direction. Then the groomer seems to strike out of nowhere. He shakes the dog vigorously and then continues grooming while visibly frustrated.

The video was reportedly recorded 6 months ago, so it is unclear why or how it suddenly appeared. After further investigation, the video was linked to Family Pet Grooming and Daycare in Burton, Michigan. The man in the video is Michael Pickard, the facility’s owner and snow groomer.

But Sheriff Chris Swanson acted quickly. He kept dog lovers informed of the investigation when officers took Pickard into custody and questioned him. Swanson and many others are in shock after seeing the video.

Image: Screenshot, Linda Turner Facebook

“It’s aggressive and abusive across borders,” Swanson said. “It’s like packing a child. Someone who can’t protect himself. It’s unsettling. “

Justice is served!

While Pickard is cooperative and emotional, he still holds his own. Before the police got involved, Pickard responded to someone who posted the video. He admitted he had, but he had a long explanation to back it up:

Image: Rita McAuley Karrip Facebook

But even if what he’s saying is true, it’s not an excuse. Regardless of the circumstances, you should never use your anger on others. Especially not on a defenseless animal or child.

Pickard has now been charged and faces a number of animal cruelties. The maximum sentence for this is 93 days in prison. Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson and never put an angry hand on another animal again.

Image: Screenshot, WNEM TV5 YouTube

During his reports, Swanson also reminded dog parents to take good care of their own dogs, especially in cold weather. Neglect is a form of abuse. Keep your dogs in a warm and comfortable home. Also, before choosing a dog groomer, do your research to ensure that they are a reputable and trustworthy dog ​​lover.

Check out the heartbreaking video below:

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Featured image: Screenshots, Linda Turner Facebook

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