Cheeky cats watch their dad work all day because of clear ceiling tiles

Cat lovers are resourceful when it comes to figuring out the best way to house their kittens.

And here is a great problem solving example for your cats from Taipei, Taiwan.

A friend of Twitter user SCMcrocodile is a dedicated cat daddy whose kittens gave him a problem. He runs a small shop on the first floor of a building and lives on the upper floor. His trio of cats love to come to work with him, but they don't always hang out in the store. They found out they were supposed to squeeze into the space above the ceiling of the shop. There they played and crawled around, making their father wonder what the three cats might be up to. He would also have to explain the noise from above when customers get curious.

But as a resourceful cat father, he had an idea.

What if the ceiling was see-through and he could see what the cats were doing up there?

And would the cats enjoy looking down on the shop and their father? Would they enjoy spying on the store from their safe playground?

@ SCMcrocodile / Twitter

Believing the cats would surely enjoy watching from above, he installed clear ceiling tiles.

The cats loved her, sat on high and watched their father all day. Plus, Daddy Cat and his customers enjoy one of the cutest views in the world, furry cat bellies on a clear surface!

@ SCMcrocodile / Twitter

While their dad is a local merchant, the cats specialize in keeping an eye on things. These cats prove that you don't need security cameras when you can have the watchful eyes of a cat searching the store!

Watching Cats Getting the attention of the internet

SCMcrocodile was fascinated by the cats and took pictures of the kittens sitting upstairs and posted them on Twitter. Now we love it when they watch us.

@ SCMcrocodile / Twitter

And while the cats lurk upstairs too cute, we already have the idea that they are pretty naughty. After all, they crept between the floor and ceiling. When her father's boyfriend also shared a photo of what happens when the three cats think dinner is too late, it was no surprise they had a fit of destruction.

@ SCMcrocodile / Twitter

Judging by the big bellies that have been pressed on these ceiling tiles, don't believe them when they say they are missing meals!

These adorable kitties are spoiled and we love it!

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