Cat so blissful when her solely kitten begins to thrive with the assistance of the pleasant household

A cat is so happy when their only kitten thrives with the help of a loving foster family.

Samantha Fox

A few weeks ago, Rescue Cats of Florida, a volunteer rescue service, rescued several cats and kittens from a breeder and took them into their care. Some of them were still pregnant and needed an experienced carer to attend to all of their needs. They turned to Samantha Fox, the founder of Fox Foster Kittens, for help.

"The president of Rescue Cats of Florida wanted them to receive the very best of care," Samantha told Love Meow. "When I heard that they needed help with two pregnant cats, I offered space in my nursery."

One of them named Gucci (orange minuet, a cross between a Persian woman and a Munchkin cat) turned out to be a real diva after she warmed up for her foster family.

Samantha Fox

The royal cat was a picky eater from day one and demanded to be brushed at all times. "You really need someone to be there all the time to keep an eye on you. So here I am," added Samantha.

"Gucci has a strong-willed personality. She's such a sensitive little lady. We learn likes and dislikes, grooming habits, treats, toys, etc."

Samantha Fox

A week after arriving, Gucci went into labor and gave birth to a healthy kitten, a tiny version of the mother. The little girl named Versace was a fighter from the start – she immediately clung to her mother and wouldn't let her go.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts to save the second baby, she lost her battle. Versace was the only survivor in their litter and determined to grow tall and strong.

Samantha Fox

"Gucci had very hard work, but we have a healthy, beautiful girl. She has the same qualities as her mother."

Cute Gucci took care of her only kitten around the clock. The tiny bundle of joy huddled against her mother's fur and blended perfectly into her coat.

Kitten blends in with the mother cat's coat as she breastfeeds Samantha Fox

"Versace is always curled up under her mother's cock or tucked right under her chin," Samantha shared with Love Meow.

"Gucci loves her baby like I've never seen a cat who loves her kitten. She never wants to be away from her. Their bond is one of the strongest I've ever seen."

Samantha Fox

For the first two weeks, the kitten received undivided attention from her fond mother cat. She ate like a champ and earned herself a chonky belly that she would proudly show off.

When her eyes opened, the kitten looked around with those adorable looks and sucked up the world around her. She was curious and completely fearless.

Samantha Fox

Gucci was a great mom to their only fur child. She keeps them clean from head to tail, wraps her paws around their baby when they nap, and makes sure that their little mini self doesn't wander too far away.

"Versace is approaching three weeks old and is cute as always. She's now learning to walk on those tiny legs," Samantha told Love Meow.

Samantha Fox

In addition to minuet rescue, Rescue Cats of Florida has helped hundreds of cats and kittens over the past few weeks. Gucci and her precious baby have received a new life and are well on their way to a great future.

Versace still has a lot to do. She waddles with her small legs and her big belly touching the ground.

Samantha Fox

The cute kitten has developed into a cuddle bug and enjoys being held in the arms of her people. The mini diva learns from the best (her mother cat), hones her cattidude every day and begins to make demands.

Once the kitten is weaned, Mama Gucci will retire from motherhood for good.

Samantha Fox

"I'm so grateful that I was able to help these guys and help Gucci finally have their last litter of kittens. Versace is such an adorable little one and I can't wait to see them grow up."

Samantha Fox

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