30 Lovable Valentine’s Day Reward Concepts for Pets! [UPDATED: 2021]

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolates. However, I am a firm believer that the holiday is about celebrating more than just romantic love – it’s about your friendships, family members and, of course, your pets! If you’re still shopping for your pet, roses and chocolates clearly aren’t going to work… But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here with a list of fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for pets!


It’s that time of year again when our social media feeds are flooded with the ‘perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas’ for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, and more…

I have just one questions: Why should our pets miss out on the fun?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my pets show me unwavering love and affection every day.

They are the true masters of ‘unconditional love’.

Knowing this, I take every opportunity that I can to celebrate them and show them even a small portion of the love that they show me every day.

The good news? With the popularity of online shopping, you can easily shop from the comfort of home in your pyjamas, a glass of wine in hand.

You can even enjoy the benefits of next-day delivery right to your front door if you’re short on time!

But let’s not waste any time. The clock is ticking…

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Check Out These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Pets of All Shapes and Sizes!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Dog

‘I Give Free Kisses’ Valentine’s Day Dog Shirt

If you’re looking to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, why not pick up a fun love-themed shirt for your pup this season? This adorable ‘I Give Free Kisses’ shirt is designed for the smaller pups among us, with sizes ranging from 2lbs to 13lbs.

Box of Chocolates Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Toy

Everyone knows that chocolate isn’t safe for dogs… but what if it was? I have previously discussed the benefits of interactive toys for the health and happiness of your dog. Your pup will have a fun time pulling these cute little chocolates out of their box. Each chocolate has a squeaker, adding to the joy of playtime!

Happy Hour Crushers Wine Toy Three Pack

What is a box of chocolates without a good wine to compliment it? Right? These adorable ‘crushers’ are filled with empty water bottles instead of stuffing, offering a fun crunchy noise during play. Each bottle also includes a squeaky bottle cap. When the water bottle has been loved a little too hard, simply swap it out with another empty bottle.

Red Heart Headband and Free Kisses Bandana

Are you looking to add a little fun and flair to your at-home Valentine’s Day celebrations this year? Why not consider this adorable heart headband and ‘Free Kisses’ bandana set? Whether you’re taking Valentine’s Day themed photos with our pup or simply enjoying your own little party, this outfit will steal the show!

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Rope Toys

Encourage a little tug-of-war this Valentine’s Day with a fun rope toy. After all, if there’s one thing that your dog would love more than a toy, it would be a toy AND playtime with their favourite human!

2 Pack ‘Love Heart’ Adjustable Dog Collar

One of our favourite ways to celebrate the various seasons and holidays is by changing up the dogs’ collars. This cute set includes 2 heart-themed collars, perfect for Valentine’s Day. They come in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) with neck measurements ranging from 10” to 21.6”.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Cat

3 Pack 100% Organic Catnip Heart Cat Toys

These cute heart-shaped toys are perfect for the ‘season of love’. However, it’s not the heart shape that’s going to win your cat over this Valentine’s Day…. Each heart is filled with 100% organic pure catnip leaves which will certainly get the party started!

Heart-Shaped Busy Box Cat Scratcher

Not only does this adorable heart-shaped scratcher provide the perfect place for your cat to indulge in their need to scratch, but it also includes some fun toys for hours of entertainment. Looking to add a little fun? Sprinkle it with catnip and watch them go!

‘Love Mice’ Cat Toys

These adorable little red and white mice are the perfect Valentine’s Day spin on a popular classic cat toy. Each mouse is scented with catnip and contains a small rattle to entice any cat to play. The pack comes with 20 mice in total, making it a great gift both for single and multi-cat households.     

Valentine’s Day Breakaway Cat Collars

These adorable Valentine’s Day themed collars are fitted with a breakaway safety buckle, allowing you to celebrate the season of love while continuing to keep your cat safe. Each collar includes a small jingle bell and an adorable little charm. The collars are fully adjustable, fitting cats with neck sizes ranging from 7” to 11”.

Soft & Plush Heart-Shaped Bed

If your cat is a little less energetic or uninterested in toys, why not consider treating them to a new cozy bed this Valentine’s Day. This adorable heart-shaped bed includes an easy to clean cotton pad and wear-resistant linen, making it both soft and durable.

Valentine’s Day Catnip Toys and Collar Set

If you are torn between the different options for your cat this Valentine’s Day, or simply looking to spoil them with a little variety, this is the perfect solution. This set includes 4 different pink, plush catnip toys as well as a Valentine’s Day breakaway cat collar. The collar can be adjusted to fit cats with neck sizes ranging from 7.9” to 11.8”.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Bird

Heart-Shaped Mirror Toy with Perch

This adorable bird toy will not only provide your bird with both mental and physical stimulation (which is important for overall health and happiness), but it will also add a little Valentine’s Day flair to their habitat. It is easy to install and the bright colours are sure to be a hit.

Colourful Hanging Flower Bird Toy

This is a great way to treat your bird to a beautiful bouquet of bird-friendly flowers this Valentine’s Day. The bright colours will attract your bird’s attention while its wood construction makes for a perfect bite toy (encouraging proper beak health). Everyone deserves to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Pink Plush Hanging Nest

This warm and comfortable hanging nest is great way to decorate your bird’s cage for this Valentine’s Day. Made from Berber fleece, it will offer your bird the perfect place to curl up and relax, safe from the cooler temperatures. The bright colours will be a perfect compliment to any other Valentine’s Day décor around your house!

Beach Sands Bird Perch

This adorable bird perch was designed with beach sad to allow for the perfect texture to effectively wear down your bird’s nails while small dimples in the surface create a comfortable surface for your bird’s feet. The pretty pink colour not only attracts your bird, but also gives off Valentine’s Day vibes!

Heart-Shaped Hanging Bird Mirror

This simple but adorable heart-shaped mirror is light-weight, easy to install and made from durable materials. The mirror will provide your bird with an entertaining toy for hours, while the little bell will add to the fun. Besides, what says Valentine’s Day more than hearts?

Nibble Stix & Woodies ‘Flower’ Garland

This adorable cage decoration is made with a variety of wooden pieces designed to provide a safe biting option for your bird. The bright colours are sure to catch your bird’s attention while the pink hearts and purple flowers add a fun touch to any Valentine’s Day decoration theme. Buying for multiple pets? This is also a great option for small animals!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Small Animal

Krunchy Sunflower Small Animal Chews

If you’re looking to give your small animal a bouquet of flowers, why not consider these adorable sunflowers? Unlike larger animals, ‘pocket pets’ such as rats, hamster, rabbits and gerbils need to chew to wear down their teeth. These adorable chews are each 2.5” in diameter and brightly coloured both to attract your pet and add to your décor.

Fleece Small Animal Cage Hammock and Hideout

Made from double layers of fleece, this dual-purpose hammock and hideout will provide your small animal with a safe place to rest, relax and hang out. The easy to install design simply hooks on the bars of your pet’s cage. The beautiful pink colour will add a Valentine’s Day twist to any room.   

Heart-Shaped Grass Biscuit Treats

Roughage such as grass or hay is an important part of a healthy diet for most small animals. These grass biscuits will provide your pet with a tasty treat while also aiding in digesting and assisting in grinding down their teeth. The heart-shaped design is the perfect way to tell your pet how much you care this Valentine’s Day.

Collapsible Plastic Play Tunnel

This adorable pink tunnel will provide your pet with a new space to explore and investigate while offering a great place to hide away safely. When playtime is over, it conveniently folds away for easy storage. Made from stain-resistant plastic, it is durable and easy to clean. Available in 2 different sizes (3.9” and 5.9”), it is suitable for most small animals.

2 Piece Hanging Hammock and Soft Mat Set

Similar to the hammock listed above, this hammock is easy to use, clipping securely to the bars of your pet’s cage. Not only is this a cozy hammock for your pet to rest, but it is also a great hiding space where your pet can feel safe and secure. In addition to the hammock, this set includes a soft mat. The adorable pink fabric, covered with small blue hearts, will give you all of the Valentine’s Day vibes.

Wooden Swinging Chair Toy

Another great way to add a pop of Valentine’s Day pink to your small pet’s habitat, this adorable swing will add a little fun to your pet’s day. Small pets like Hamsters and gerbils enjoy exploring their surroundings, climbing, and investigating every corner.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Aquarium

Pink Crystal Aquarium Pebbles

Are you looking to add a soft, romantic touch to your aquarium this Valentine’s Day? A great way to change up the overall aesthetic is to select a new gravel or sand. These beautiful pink crystals are high-quality and durable, meaning that they can be used in your tank for a long time without concern.   

Resin Heart Aquarium Decoration

Made from high-quality resin, this heart-shaped aquarium decoration is safe for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. The flat bottom of the ornament is weighted, allowing it to stand steadily in your tank. Careful attention to detail reveals a beautiful heart that appears to have been constructed by coral and aquatic plants.

Decorative Aquarium Flower

Give your aquarium the gift of flowers with these beautiful plastic aquarium plants. Its ceramic base will hold the plant stead in place while the delicate petals and leaves move about in the water. The vivid pink colours of the flower’s petals will add a pop of colour to your underwater habitat while fitting perfectly with your Valentine’s Day décor in any room.  

Multicolour Heart-Shaped Aquarium Stones

If you’re looking for that Valentine’s Day aesthetic but pink isn’t your colour, this is the perfect solution for your aquarium! Each package includes approximately 40 glass heart-shaped stones in shades of blue, brown, green, and clear.  

Soft Pink Coral Aquarium Decoration

This resin ornament is incredibly lifelike, giving the appearance of real coral in your aquarium (without out the additional maintenance concerns). The ornament sits just over 5” in height, adding a statement piece to your décor, while the soft pink colour gives it a beautiful and romantic vibe.

Hideout Heart Castle Decoration

This adorable castle ornament will provide your fish with a fun place to both explore and hide while adding a fun pop of colour to any aquarium. Not only does the colour scheme of pink, purple and coral give off Valentine’s Day vibes, but the adorable touch of a heart-shaped opening is sure to make you smile.  Made from high-quality materials, it is safe for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Do you have any fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for pets that I missed? If so, I would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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