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Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks - Terry's Natural Market

Jan 5

Are you looking for a refreshing drink which actually offers some health benefits? Take a look at Leilo Sparkling Kava drinks that are available from Terry's Natural Market! In this post we'll take a peek at what makes these drinks distinct, and also why they're worth trying out. Keep an eye out to learn more about the delicious and unique Kava drinks at Terry's Natural Market!

What are Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks?

Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks are an all-natural substitute for coffee that is caffeine-free and energy drink. Made from 100 100% pure kava extract The refreshing beverages offer a mild, yet effective stress-relief and relaxation effect. Perfect for unwinding at the end of the day , or taking a refreshing drink during the day. Leilo sparkling Kava Drinks are available in four delightful varieties: Original, Mango, Pineapple, and Coconut.

What is a Kava Safe?

Kava is an evergreen tree that is tropical with large heart-shaped leaves and long stems. The roots of the plant can be used to create a drink that has been traditionally used for ceremonial purposes throughout Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Kava is well-known for its sedative qualities, and has been proven as effective at treating anxiety and insomnia.

Kava is generally safe to consume, but there are some potential adverse effects you need to be aware of. When consumed in large doses, kava can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It also can interact with other medications and therefore it is important to consult with your doctor prior to taking kava if are taking any other medication.

Women who are pregnant should avoid drinking Kava as it could end up cause damage to the liver. Kava is also not recommended for people who have liver disease or other chronic health issues. In the event that you suffer adverse effects after consuming kava, it's crucial to stop the consumption and seek medical assistance immediately.

How to Make a Kava Drink

There are many ways to make a kava beverage, but the most important factor is to make sure you use fresh, high-quality kava. Kava is one of the tropical root that has been used for long periods of time across the Pacific Islands for its relaxant properties. It is now becoming increasingly sought-after throughout the United States as a natural alternative to alcohol and other narcotics.

The most traditional method of making the kava drink is to crush the roots of the kava plant into a powder and combine it into water. This can be done by using a blender or by hand. The powder is then squeezed out, and the liquid that results is drunk.

For those who want an approach that is more contemporary There are now kava concentrates that are blended with water or juice. These concentrates allow you to achieve the desired amount of kava without having to endure the crushing and straining process.

However you decide to make your kava beverage ensure that you begin by drinking a small amount of it and gradually increase the amount as you need. Kava can cause a strong effect therefore it is advised to begin slowly initially until you understand the effects it has on you.

How to Enjoy Leilo Kava Drinks

If you happen to have an alcoholic drink of kava in your hand There are a variety of ways to enjoy the drink. If you feel the taste of kava to be too bitter or earthy, try mixing it with fruit juice or a sweet drink. Many enjoy adding spices, honey, or other flavors to their kava drinks. Kava is delicious warm or cold and is a great way to experiment until you've found your ideal recipe.

If you're just beginning to drink kava, start by taking small amounts and see what you feel like after a couple of minutes. Kava has relaxing and euphoric effects, therefore it's essential not to overdo it initially. Once you've figured out the way your body reacts to the kava drink, you can alter your intake accordingly. Keep in mind that it takes time for the effects of kava to be felt, so be patient and savor your drink.


Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks are a great option to experience the traditional flavor of kava while adding a dash of excitement and fizz. They're a great and healthy alternative to energy drinks and sugary sodas. Plus, they can be made to taste with herbs, spices or fruits for added flavor. If you're in search of something new to test this summer, try Leilo Sparkling Kava Drinks from Terry's Natural Market a try! You'll be glad you did.

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