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Jan 5

If you're looking to add some shine to your designs, EcoPoxy's metallic colors are exactly what you need. With a myriad of shades to choose between, you'll be able to make everything from delicate pearly effects to vibrant and vivid shades. In addition, due to their fluid properties, these colors can create stunning shimmering effects. So what are you waiting for? Take a dive into the world Ecopoxy today!

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What are Metallic Color Pigments?

Colors with metallic hues include the ones that appear metallic when viewed from an extended distance. Metallic color pigments are created by adding metal to the pigment mix. Metallic color pigments can be created making use of a metallic film for the coating for the pigment. Metallic color pigments are utilized in paints, inks, and coatings to give items an iridescent or shimmering effect.

How are Metallic Color Pigments Used?

Metallic pigments for color are an type of pigment that is composed of many different elements, including metals. Metallic color pigments are utilized to create a range of colors, which includes ones that are found in nature as metallic. Metallic pigments can be utilized to create a wide range of colors that can be used in a range of different applications. Metallic color pigments are used to create shadows and highlights in designs, and also to add depth and character to designs.

What are the main differences between Ecopoxy Metallic Color Pigments and the other brands?

Ecopoxy metallic color pigments stand out because they are made from natural minerals and plant extracts. They have a gorgeous, smooth finish that is ideal for creating a metallic style in your work. The Ecopoxy metallic color pigments stick easily to almost all surfaces, and they're non-toxic with no harmful chemicals.

Another advantage of Ecopoxy metallic color pigments is that they are simple to utilize. Simply shake the container before every use to mix the color with the base liquid. After you've mixed everything then it's time to start painting! In contrast to other brands of metallic color pigments, Ecopoxy metal colorants do not require a sealer as well as a top coat.

If you're looking for an outstanding Metallic Color Pigment that won't harm your artwork or leave unpleasant residues, you must definitely look into Ecopoxy Metallic Color Pigments!

What are the Ingredients in Ecopoxy Metallic Color Pigments?

Color pigments for metallic color are made of a fine powder that is mixed with water and later applied to the substrate. The pigment is able to produce a variety of colors, including silver bronze, and gold. The mixture can also be used to create highlights and shadows.

The components in ecopoxy metallic color pigments consist of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These two minerals aid in create the beautiful metallic colors that are seen in the products. Other ingredients may include calcium carbonate, ferrous oxide, and mica.


Thank you for taking the time to read our article on Ecopoxy metallic color pigments sample! In it, we go over the different colors that are available and how you can use them to create stunning Metallic designs in your projects. We also give a few ideas on how to create the perfect metallic look every time. We appreciate you giving us a chance, and we hope you have enjoyed learning about this great new product!

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