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How BNI Can Help You Succeed in Networking?

Oct 7


BNI Networking 

Networking can be a valuable way to find resources, make connections with other professionals, and learn new information. For example, if you want to grow your skills and business networking can help you find out about opportunities that match your current skills and interests. 

Additionally, networking can help you grow your professional network. A strong network of professionals can provide you with valuable resources when you need them and can refer you to potential job candidates or clients.


What is BNI Networking and how it helps your business?

BNI Networking is a process of building relationships with people in your business community in order to gain insights, knowledge, and opportunities. Through business networking at  BNI St. Clair County IL or other chapters wherein you can make new connections, build trust and find allies when it comes to starting or expanding your business. 

Due to years of trust and collaboration, BNI is the largest business networking organization in North America with more than 250,000 members. Members can connect with others in their industry through events and webinars, collaborate on projects, and support each other through leadership development programs.


What are the key principles behind successful networking?

There are a number of principles that underpin successful BNI networking. The first is to build relationships with like-minded people – this can be done by attending events and engaging with members, either in person or through social media. 

Second, it’s important to be proactive and take the initiative to initiate contact; this will show that you’re interested in building relationships and are willing to go above and beyond to connect with others.

 Finally, it’s essential to have a positive attitude; if you come across as genuine and hospitable, others will likely reciprocate.

Core Values of BNI That Will Help You Expand Your Business

BNI Networking revolves around the following core values: 


1. Givers Gain 

Giving back has always been a part of the BNI Networking organization's ethos. From its very beginnings, BNI has fostered relationships between professionals in order to promote networking and collaboration not just in terms of business but also when helping back the community.

In fact, one of the founding principles of the organization is that "by working together we can achieve more." Today, this philosophy continues to be at the heart of what BNI stands for, as members give back in numerous ways.


2. Building Relationships

Building relationships can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and support like BNI Networking, it can be easier than you think. In order to build successful relationships, it is important to have a clear understanding of your networking goals. 

Once you know what you are looking for in a relationship, BNI can help you identify potential partners and allies. By networking regularly and building strong relationships with others, you will be able to achieve your goals more easily.

3. Lifelong Learning 

Whether it's attending continuing education courses, participating in community service projects, or simply keeping up to date on the latest trends and developments in your field, there's no doubt that active participation with BNI Networking can help you achieve success. Here are some reasons why BNI Networking can be a valuable part of your lifelong learning journey: 

-BNI networking provides access to a global network of professionals with shared interests and knowledge.

-Through networking events and opportunities, you can connect with new colleagues and friends who can share their insights and resources.

-By staying current on industry trends, you can stay ahead of the competition and improve your chances for success.


4. Traditions plus Innovation 

Since its inception, BNI Networking has been a force to be reckoned with. This unique organization provides its members with the opportunity to establish relationships and create collaborations in a traditional and innovative way that can lead to business success. BNI Networking offers an array of benefits that make it an essential component of any business’s networking strategy.


5. Positive Attitude 

A positive attitude is a key to success in BNI networking. According to the BNI Networking having a positive attitude "encourages people to take action and connect with others." This can be done by setting goals and working towards them, being upbeat and optimistic, and recognizing opportunities. By cultivating a positive attitude, networking becomes easier and more enjoyable at BNI Networking no matter what chapter they belong to.

6. Accountability 

The concept of accountability is important in BNI networking because it helps build trust and relationships with others. When the network is accountable for our actions, it shows that BNI is committed to cooperating and working together. 

Moreover, BNI also shows respect for others by taking responsibility for their actions. This can be a valuable tool when building relationships because it demonstrates that the network is willing to listen and learn. 

Being accountable also allows for taking corrective action if necessary. By meeting the expectations, BNI networking creates a positive environment where cooperation is encouraged.


7. Recognition 

BNI Networking provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to network and build relationships that can lead to business opportunities. This way even a small business can be recognized, which is one of the aims of BNI. BNI networking can increase your visibility and put you in a better position to land new business deals.


Tips for Successful Networking with a BNI Chapter:

In business, BNI networking is essential for finding new clients and expanding one's reach. However, many people shy away from networking events because they feel uncomfortable or out of their element. The big problem with this approach is that it eliminates the possibility of meeting new people and developing new relationships. 

It's important to remember that not everyone in business is like you. The key to success in networking is to be friendly and welcoming, even if you don't know the person well. By being open-minded and giving others the opportunity to lead the conversation, you'll be able to build meaningful connections that can benefit both your business and your personal life.

When you're networking, it's important to keep three things in mind: 1) who you are as a person; 2) what your company does, and 3) what members of the BNI Network have done for them.


Join BNI Networking Today!

Why it's worth it to join the BNI Networking? 

BNI is a powerful networking tool that can help your business succeed. By joining the BNI Networking you will have access to a wealth of resources, including training and education opportunities, business matching services, and more. 

Without a doubt, you will also be able to share ideas and collaborate with other members on projects that can improve your business. 

Call  BNI St. Clair County, IL today and you’ll have no regrets!

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