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The Most Recommended Centre for Sexual Abuse Therapy

Sep 29

Sexual abuse can affect victims' life in many negative ways. It can cause depression or chronic stress. It can also make a victim feel shame and guilt, and that may prevent them from walking and facing the public with confidence. Other victims may not enjoy their sexual life after the terrifying event. But something can be done to help victims overcome the trauma, heal and move forward with life. For instance, Intensive Therapy Retreats offers Sexual Abuse Therapy retreats to help sexual abuse victims heal and live happier life. Here are reasons why you should come to our retreats.

We are Empathetic and Caring

Most people you share your story with may not understand how you feel or even how life has been after the ugly incident. They may judge you for no reason. But we say that sexual abuse or rape is a serious offense that should be punished. But our role is not to punish but to help you process the painful experience, heal and focus on rebuilding your life. We are empathetic and caring and will listen to you. We will then take the right therapeutic process to ensure you open a new page in your life. So, if you are a sexual abuse victim, you should plan to attend our Psychological Retreat.

We Have Professional Therapists

Sexual abuse is a sensitive matter that requires a professional approach. For that reason, we have employed well-trained and accredited therapists determined to help victims like you smile again. We have Dr. Bambi Rattner, one of the most experienced therapists in the world. Additionally, we have other experts that will spend time with you during the Therapy Retreat so that they can understand your story and use the right solutions to help you recover. They will take you through a step-by-step therapeutic process to help you bury the past and focus on the bright future ahead. 

We are Confidential 

Some counselors may share your story with the public without your consent for selfish interests. That is very wrong. When you come to our Trauma Healing Retreat, you can have peace of mind knowing that what you share with us remains between us. We take your private life seriously and cannot share your story with anyone.

Our Retreats Are Affordable

The good thing about Intensive Therapy Retreats is that we offer Trauma Recovery Retreat for sexual abuse, depression, trauma, and PTSD at affordable fees. We are also transparent in our pricing. We will ensure you get the best value for your money by helping you heal and feel confident again to move on with life.


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