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US Tyres and Window Tinting – Roof Wrap

Aug 11

Are you considering buying an roofing wrap for your vehicle? If so, you are likely to be curious about the process and cost. Read this article to learn how a roof wrap is made and the best way to take care of your car once it's wrapped. Window Tinting and US Tires are the best choices for top-quality work that will last for a long time. Don't forget to inquire for their lifetime warranty!

Panoramic Roof Wrap

The Panoramic Roof Wrap, also known as Gloss Black Wrap, is a well-known vehicle modification. In order to create a panoramic picture on the roof of any vehicle, it uses a Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap. The process isn't permanent, despite the name. A specialist in car wraps is highly recommended to get the most effective results. These companies also offer tinting of your car window.

A panoramic sunroof looks like an enormous window that lets in lots of heat. The degree of heat loss will depend on the area, weather conditions, and quality of the sky. Avoid driving with your roof down especially if you reside in a hot area. It's the same for cars equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

Care for your car that's wrapped

There are several aspects that impact the life of your roof wrap especially if you've put it up yourself. Incorrectly installing the wrap can cause it to peel, get dirty, or lose its reflective qualities. To avoid this, consider employing a professional wrap business to put the wrap on your vehicle. Careful maintenance and care can also make your wrap last longer. The lifespan of your car can be extended by parking it in a garage or a covered space.

Regular hand washing will remove grime and dirt, while also preserving the graphic. The best method of cleaning a wrapped vehicle is to apply mild soap on a soft, soft sponge and wash it by hand. It is also possible to use a natural or synthetic sponge to wash vehicles that have residue. Be careful not to scrub the wrap with too much force because it could result in scratches or damage to the surface. To eliminate water spots you can make use of a the silicone squeegee.

Clean the wrap weekly by hand using mild detergent and water. To avoid water spots you can use the microfiber cloth. When it is dry then apply wax or a polish or wash. High-pressure water sprayers and bristles can cause damage to vinyl, which can void the warranty. The warranty may be invalidated if using buffers to shield the wrap.


Cost of a roof wrap will vary depending on how many films of vinyl are required as well as the vehicle's form. The average cost of a car wrap is between $2,000 to $5,000. Higher-end vehicles will require more. A Ferrari wrap costs upwards of $7000, while a luxurious sports car could be priced at up to $10,000. The cost for the family sedan ranges from $2,000 to $3,000. The price of a roof wrap will depend on the car's dimensions and the make.

If you want a metallic or matte finish, you'll pay more than the price of a sedan. While both types can be installed, these automobiles require more material and require more time to complete. Chrome finishes, for instance are prone to dulling easily and are harder to get rid of than their matte counterparts. A wrap for the roof on a mid-range vehicle costs around $2,500. However, if you're interested in an expensive car, you might have to spend more than $12,000 and wait a few extra hours before having it put in.

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