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Do I Need Permit For a New Roof?

Aug 11

If you are planning to install a roofing project for your home, you may be wondering whether you need an approval. This article will discuss the factors that could lead you to need a permit, including if you are a homeowner or part of a Homeowner's Association. There are exceptions to the requirement for permits. As always, you'll want to get the best estimate possible.

Associations of homeowners may require a permit for reroofing

In some instances homeowners associations may need an approval for roofing. However, this is only valid if the homeowners' association has a minimal cooperative interest in the construction. If this is the case the homeowner must carefully examine HOA rules to ensure that they are not in violation of the rules and being forced to redo the work or pay a hefty fine. HOA paperwork should clearly state the requirements of the project.

Plywood or OSB sheeting damaged

It is important to know the differences between OSB roofing and plywood sheets before you start putting up your roofing. OSB is composed of wood sheets that are glued together under intense pressure. Although plywood is generally more heavy than OSB however, it is more durable and does not be affected by deformation caused by humidity. Besides, it costs a fraction of the price of plywood.

A plywood or OSB sheeting replacement can cost a lot however the expense is far lower than the problems caused by sheathing that is rotting. In addition, by replacing it, you'll stop further damage down the road. Check with your contractor to determine if it's necessary to replace the sheathing material. Costs and hassles are a result of an unsound roof.

Trusses damaged

Employ a trustworthy roofing contractor before you replace or repair the roof trusses. These professionals are insured, licensed and proficient in the local building regulations. They are able to efficiently complete the repairs. Before you make a decision to hire a professional, you should get at least three estimates for repairs or replacements to truss. Get references from them and make sure that the estimate is inclusive of the cost of labor and all materials.

A contractor must have a building permit for any major repairs, including wall studs or trusses. This permits both electrical and mechanical work, and trusses. Some roof repairs and alterations are not required to obtain a permit however, others do. Depending on the extent of damage, permits might be required for repairs that are major. A permit to build the roof of your house could cost as much as $300 annually.

Exemptions from requiring permits

Before you can start your project, you will require a building permit when you intend to construct an additional roof. A building permit may not be necessary for certain types of projects, such as the addition of roofs. Section 101.2 of the Building Code lists the different types of projects that need permits. To determine whether your project is permitted to be permitted, consult the local department of building.

A permit for roof replacement is required when you intend to do the task yourself. A permit is required to ensure that the work is in compliance with the law. It will not cause fines or illegal construction. Also, it will ensure that your work is in line with building codes that are accepted standards of quality. Roofers with licenses will ensure that their work meets the standards of the industry. Before you begin any roofing work, it is worth speaking with an experienced building inspector.

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