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North Carolina: 24 Hours Bail Bonds

Jun 3

If you're searching for an agent for bonds located in North Carolina, you've come to the right place. We offer reliable and speedy bail bond services for clients across North Carolina. We offer 24 Hour Bondsman.

We are aware that this can be difficult for your family and you. We are there to support you. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or to make an appointment. We are eager to help you get out of jail as soon as is possible.

What Is A Bailbond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is posted on behalf of a defendant to secure their release from jail. A bail bondsman is usually make the bail bond available on behalf of the defendant and charge an amount.

The goal of bail bonds is to ensure that the defendant is present in court on time for their scheduled hearing. If the defendant does not attend, the court could issue an arrest warrant and bail will be forfeited.

What is a Bail Bond?

If you are charged with an offense and are arrested then you will be detained. In your arraignment, the judge will set the amount of bail based on the severity of the crime you are accused of, your criminal background and the risk of flight.

Contact an agent for bail if you are unable to pay the bail amount as determined by the judge. You'll be able to post bail on your behalf by the bail bondsman.

to be to be released to be released from jail while you wait for the court date. The bail bondsman is required to pay a non-refundable deposit in exchange to secure the bond.

The cost charged by a bail bondsman typically is proportional to the bail amount determined by the judge. If the bail amount is $1000, the bail bondman might charge $100 to post your bond.

What happens if you're detained?

If you're arrested and detained, the first thing to happen is that you'll be taken to jail. During the booking process the police will collect your fingerprints and photograph, and collect information about your charges,When you appear in court for your arraignment the judge will set an amount for bail.

The bail amount is set to ensure that you are present for court hearings in the future. The judge will look at a number of aspects when deciding on bail, including the gravity of the crime. While bailing out isn't mandatory in all circumstances when bail is set at an amount that is beyond your ability to pay, you may contacted the bail bond business that is licensed.

Bailbond Explained with Examples

Bail bonds are a type of financial product that allows bail to be posted for only a fraction of the cost. If the bail amount was $5000 The bail bond company could only be charged $500. The bail bond company will then pay the remainder of $4500 on behalf of you. To get a bail bail, contact a licensed bail agent. The collateral typically comes in the form of property or cash, and will ensure that you'll pay back the loan should you fail to show up to the court.

If you are unable to post bail, or you don't have collateral to secure, there are still options for you. The majority of states permit the release of your own recognizance. This means you could get out of jail without having to post bail. It is also possible to agree to a payment plan with the judge.


If you are facing charges, it's crucial to consult a licensed attorney who can help you navigate the legal system and defend your rights. A knowledgeable attorney will know how to best handle your case and will work tirelessly to get you the most favorable outcome. Contact an attorney today for any inquiries about bail , or need help with the process of posting bail.

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