Questions from a layman though;the experts would have the answer

Something sounds odd to me. Giving that North Africa is presents a slightly different scenario, let’s look at Sub-Saharan Africa. As at yesterday, Cameroon registered 1017 cases. Out of that there has been 42 deaths and 305 recoveries. South Africa has registered 3,158 infections, with 54 deaths and as much as 903 recoveries. Closer to us, Burkina Faso has registered 576 cases, (about half of ours), 36 deaths and 338 recoveries (more than thrice ours). Then Niger has 648 infections, 20 deaths and 117 recoveries while Nigeria has 627 infections, 21 deaths and 170 recoveries.

Not to bore anyone with too much data, a pattern becomes clear already. Ghana has the second highest infection rate in Sub-Saharan Africa but strangely the lowest death rates too. Ghana’s single digit death figure stands in huge contrast to all others around us. What is the cause? What’s more? Based on the data, Ghana also has the lowest recovery rates so far. Even Niger has 117 recoveries of 648 infections, compared to our 99 out of 1042. It means Ghanaians are getting more infected more all others, are not recovering like others but are not dying too like others. If we’re not dying but we are not recovering too, then what are we doing?

So why is Ghana’s data alone standing in contrast to even those countries that might share same climatic conditions to ours, not to talk about the stark difference from others beyond? Let’s assume that our single digit death rate is due to our climate. Then what about neghbouring Burkina Faso and Niger? And if it’s because of better medicines we have, let’s be reminded we had to fly a presidential jet to Kenya for a medicine they have. But what’s the death rate in Kenya? Kenya has registered only 270 cases compared to our 1042. But they have 14 deaths compared to our 9.

So however you look at things, they don’t add up. Maybe Ghana is the only nation of righteous people in Africa, and that is why we alone are not dying, even though we’re getting infected alright? But if that’s the case, why are we not recovering too? The oddities in the data raise one question. Are we being misinformed and misled?

These are questions from a layman though. I’m sure the experts would have the answer. But whatever the case, posterity would give the answers to those who survive.

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