Blacks Being Evicted From Their Homes in China

Chinese house owners are evicting all black people from their houses. In an interview by TV3_GHANA with a Lady by name Mimi in China confirmed that Chinese house owners are asking blacks living in their rented apartments to leave.

The lady in the interview said before the Chinese closed their borders, some foreign nationals entered the country and from their test results, 9 of the confirmed cases are people from Nigeria.

She also said the house owners were acting on the orders given them, that if they do not do as told, will be punished. This has left many black immigrants in China homeless and sleeping on the streets.

Medical officers in China are walking into houses and are testing only foreigners who are black. They put the tests tubes in your mouth and confirm you Positive. Some of the people have not received their test results but have been quarantined.

“In Ghana where the government is paying for the people quarantined in the hotels, in China, you are to pay for the 2 weeks you have spent in the hotel quarantining”.

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